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National Assessment And Accrediation Council (NAAC) accredited Avila College of Education with B Grade in 2011 more.

Digital Language Laboratory

In this era of Information Technology, where the world is dynamically evolving into a virtual global village effective communication is a key to success. Lack of skills in language is very often the barrier for effective communication. Language laboratory plays a major role to overcome this situation. Our language laboratory software offers decisive, intensive and phonetically correct language course modules to students under the guidance of language teachers. Our digital English Language Laboratory software solution named as ‘LEARN SOFT’ facilitates rapid language learning through a combination of stimulating multimedia content interactivity and state of the art learning and communication tools, that capture the interest and attention of all students. Individual headsets with microphones are provided to all students to ensure effective learning.

Technology Laboratory

The following hardware equipments are available in our technology laboratory.
    * Multimedia PC system with Monitor.
    * Projectors - LCD & OHP
    * Television with cable connection for receiving EDUSAT.
    * Broadband Internet Access
    * DVD /VCD player
    * CD writer
    * Periscope
    * Film strip cum slide projector
    * Microphone, Amplifier box
    * Stereo Audio Cassette Recorder
    * 16 mm film projector

Microteaching Clinic

Microteaching is a effective method for equipping skills to student teachers. It offers the advantages of both controlled laboratory environment and realistic practical experience. The use of video recordings in micro teaching provides instant and accurate feed back of verbal and non-verbal classroom interaction. Our Microteaching clinic is equipped with digital video camera, multimedia LCD Projector, Plasma TV monitor and computer system. We are giving necessary arrangements for practicing the microteaching lessons in order to equip with various skills like introducing the lesson, questioning, explaining, black board work, stimulus variation, reinforcement, illustration with example etc. Under the guidance/ supervision of the subject teacher student teachers plan, prepare and practice micro teaching lessons in their respective optional subjects.

Psychology Laboratory

The psychology laboratory has been functioning from 1995 onwards. The main aim of psychology laboratory is to equip the students about various psychological tests and experiments. Our psychology laboratory includes the following tests/apparatus.
    1. Mirror drawing apparatus - simple set
    2. Tweezer/finger Dexterity apparatus.
    3. Muller layer apparatus with cards
    4. Alexander’s Pass Along Test.
    5. ‘Card sorting’ Tray with cards
    6. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
    7. Kundus Neurotic personality inventory
    8. Children’s Apperception Test CAT (Indian)
    9. Minnesotta paper form board test
    10. Differential Aptitude Test (DAT)
    11. Rorschach Ink Blot Test
    12. General Mental Ability Test for Adults
    13. Draw a man Test for Indian children
    14. Attention Board 6 digit impulse counter
    15. Educational Interest Records
    16. Bhatia’s Battery of performance
    17. Ravens standard and coloured Progressive Matrices

Work Experience Laboratory

Work Experience Laboratory includes chalk making unit and book binding equipment which provides practical experience in the manufacture of chalk, note books and candles. Further, the students are given practical experience in gardening, preparation of office files and envelopes.

Health & Physical Education

Health education is provided with the help of medical professionals. Physical education is imparted with necessary materials and equipments.

Hostel Facility

We arrange hostel facility for girls. The hostels are situated near to our college and run by Pallotian Sisters and Franciscan Sisters. Less than 25% of students (including B.Ed. & M.Ed.) prefer hostel. As most the students are from the locality, they are day scholars.

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